Valentine Treat Boxes

I am obsessed with these Valentine Treat Boxes we created during our last Art Group!  As soon as I stumbled upon these adorable heart shaped boxes at Target I was so inspired that I had to bring them home.  Such an easy and fun project for the kids to dive into and I loved hearing their little plans about who they were planning on giving their treat boxes to.

Valentine Treat Boxes | Oh Merrily We Go!

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Puffy Paper Heart Mobile

If you haven’t noticed already, I have a silly love for hearts which is why I pretty much let loose on all things hearts during this time of year.  Our second Valentine’s Day craft is this Puffy Paper Heart Mobile!  These hearts are bright, fun & so easy to create.  This idea comes from Art Bar’s Puffy Paper Stars post.  If you don’t know Art Bar, I suggest you browse endlessly at her blog.  It is full of imaginative projects, prompts and resources for kids art making.  Her book, Art Workshops For Children, is one I use often for inspiration.

Puffy Paper Heart Mobile | Oh Merrily We Go


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Winter Bucket List 2017


I am most definitely a Summer person.  Give me a beach, a book & I’m a happy camper.  But there’s something really special about Winter in New England.  The crisp air, watching the snow fall, drinking hot, warming drinks, and sitting around a fire are some of my favorite things.

At the start of every season, we always make a mini Bucket List of things we want to do and enjoy as a family.  Here is our Winter Bucket List:


What are some of your Must Do’s this coming Winter?

Mixed Media Drawings

I just love working in mixed media.  There is such joy in working with different materials, seeing how they interact, working through composition, color & texture.  The possibilities are endless and it’s really where creativity is the most alive.  These mixed media drawings are an introduction into working with different textures.  The children were invited to choose between different kinds of paper to explore how the materials interacted.  These are works in progress and we will hopefully be adding to them as time goes on.  We started with our new Kwik Stix which were a stocking stuffer this year and we are hooked!

Mixed Media Drawings | Oh Merrily We Go!

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Fall Leaf Wreath

This past weekend was a doozy with a sick household, a husband who was working most of it and grandparents out of town.  So, it was just me and Brady fighting colds and trying to keep busy.  The weather ended up being pretty perfect.  Nice, crisp Fall days.  We headed outside a few times to get some fresh air and collect some of the beautiful leaves that have fallen all around our house.  This Fall Leaf Wreath is what we created out of those leaves!

Fall Leaf Wreath Craft | Oh Merrily We Go

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Bubble Print Ghosts

This past weekend, we played around with some bubble wrap and paint and made some Bubble Prints!  These are so much fun to create and is a great way to introduce printmaking to young kids.  Because Halloween is just around the corner, we turned our bubble prints into these spooky Bubble Print Ghosts!

Bubble Print Ghosts | Oh Merrily We Go

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